Yvette Poole

Yvette Poole
Owner, Founder of Yvette Poole & Associates and L’Cheriyve

Yvette Poole, Managing Founder of Yvette Poole & Associates and L’Cheriyve, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. As the founder of Yvette Poole & Associates she’s worked with countless individuals and corporations on developing individuals’ unique talents to help people be happier, more effective and more motivated in their jobs. Prior to launching her own firm in 2005, Yvette enjoyed a lengthy career as a senior executive in the multi-housing industry while honing in her business acumen.

The daughter of an Air Force officer, Poole moved extensively in her youth, teaching her adaptability and acceptance. Her travels also spurred an early interest in fashion, merchandising and boutique sales. Ever the adventurous type, Yvette is also a certified yoga instructor and a student of Ayurvedic medicine. Her curiosity, drive, intuition and experience all inspired the launch of her second company, L’Cheriyve – a company specifically for women, giving them a place to celebrate their femininity. This venture was a natural extension of her understanding of how human relationships are developed, encouraged and maintained.

Yvette’s family life is equally as dynamic. Poole and her husband share a blended family of seven children, an experience that’s taught the partially reformed Type-A personality to finally say, “Why take life so seriously? Have some fun!”


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