Brand Development

Is your company’s brand immediately recognizable to your target market, and what is the message they receive? Creating your brand’s DNA will set the tone for all future business, building consistency across all touch points for your organization.

What about you? Did you know that you can change your world by living in your place of self-knowledge and acceptance of your unique style and brand? This will have a resulting powerful influence on your personal happiness, your career, your relationships and society at large.

Yvette Poole & Associates can help you explore your Personal, Professional and Company Brands, ensuring they are all powerfully aligned with your objectives.

YPA Branding Services available are:

  1. Personal and/or Professional Branding
    Yvette created her signature “style and personal branding” consultation as an experience and a journey for individuals who want to embrace who they are while celebrating and finding the uniqueness of themselves. Yvette works with entrepreneurs, executives, and any person who is looking to recreate “their style and brand” after years in their careers, their marriages, raising their families or establishing NEW careers and relationships.
  2. Company Branding
    A comprehensive Brand Development for Startups, including Brand Assessment, Brand Reinvigoration, Brand Extension, and Brand Guardianship

Ready to discover how to create a compelling brand that people want to explore? Let’s chat!