Utilize YPA as your professional conference planner to help plan and execute your events or corporate meetings. We handle details that escape most people’s attention.

Conferences and Meeting Planning

Tasks involved can include event site selection, meeting-room design, food and beverage planning, speaker and/or special-event selection, and audio-visual management.

At YPA we do all of this and more. We are an intricate part of assisting our clients in identifying the company conference objectives beforehand, ensuring the company’s goals are accomplished.

Based on this pre-event brainstorming with company executives and the conference team, YPA summarizes objectives and creates theme ideas and program content to meet conference objectives.

It is our goal at YPA to:

  1. Save time and eliminate unnecessary stress for our clients.
  2. Save you money negotiating event contracts due to our valuable resources and contacts to draw upon.
  3. Manage facets of an event or meeting so you can focus on the guest and attendees instead of logistics.
  4. Assist you in effectively marketing and promoting your even to your associates.

Conference Pricing

The starting rate for the conference/retreat planning for up to 150 associates is $20,000. A 25% retainer fee ($5,000) will be requested upon proposal approval, with an additional 25% ($5,000) payable 60 days prior to the event. The remaining 50% ($10,000) will be due upon the date of the event. Please contact us regarding a customized quote for your company.

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