Dynamic Speakers

Whether your event is a training class, a small retreat, a larger leadership conference, an awards ceremony or a luncheon requiring a keynote, we will join forces with you to help you find a speaker that will suit your company and your specific needs. While we are not an agency who books speakers, we have dynamic speakers available who will knock your socks off! Our professional YPA associates have programs ready to be delivered, or we can collaborate with you to develop a topic that will work well for your audience. We haven’t climbed mountains or starred on a reality series, and our goal is not to sell books that no one will read. As successful entrepreneurs, we have been in the trenches, building companies, surviving failures, impacting change and inspiring those around us. Our goal is to ensure that our message is your message.

  1. It’s in the Pause
    Emotional Intelligence has been proven to be one of the key factors in a person’s overall success. One reason we are able to manage ourselves and our relationships effectively comes down to this important component: It’s in the Pause™. The pause is that critical moment that can make or break a relationship, a sales transaction, or an opportunity for great leadership. In this keynote, you will learn the most important times to pause, including pausing for clarity, impact, confusion, authenticity and empathy. Discover how to dig deeper to create more meaningful self-discovery and purpose while building better teams.
  2. Life or Death – The Importance of Workplace Wellness
    When your employees don’t take care of their bodies or manage stress effectively, the results can truly be life or death. Impact your organization with a keynote focused on life saving strategies that will create healthier habits for your associates while increasing productivity for your organization and reducing costs for additional healthcare. This keynote is one of the most important messages your team will ever receive!
  3. Give ‘Em Leadership, Not Lip Service
    “Give ‘Em Leadership, Not Lip Service” is a half day workshop created to help participants explore their own competencies and beliefs about Leadership roles, identifying their unique strengths that will help them “walk the talk” and truly excel as a Leader. Each person possesses the capacity for Leadership, but only those who cultivate it will become truly Effective Leaders. Attendees will enjoy cultivating their capacity for Leadership, regardless of their role within the company.
  4. C.R.E.A.T.E.
    The CREATE concept is an engaging and interactive session where you and your team will learn how to:
    Collaborate with each other
    Reach beyond your comfort zone
    Exceed your department’s expectations
    Act on your personal goals
    Trust your associates
    Execute flawlessly
  5. Management Team Performance
    This is an excellent management tool to help your team members understand their personalities and how they prefer to function. Also learn how you are perceived by others, what personalities you are drawn to and how to maximize the personality strengths of others. Understanding your personality and that of your associates establishes the launching pad for increased communication, more collaborative effort and better use of individual strengths.
  6. Expanding Your Management Bandwidth
    For owners in new or existing development or condos in need of re-positioning, you will look at technology not as a separate part of the business but as a direct part of your overall management plan. Learn how to determine what residents want, assess needs, understand the bid process, and how to pick providers based on what you uncover with your analysis. Discover how to lead your communities to success from someone who knows the market and how to stay current with the needs of today.
  7. How to Build a Philanthropic Community
    Learn how to be part of “The Golden Age of Philanthropy.” There are positive impacts of collaborative philanthropic work on a community at large. Human beings know that giving equals happiness, which improves their overall quality of life. We can teach your company how to build your own Philanthropic Community in the workplace to create engagement, loyalty and a rewarding sense of accomplishment for your employees and customers.
  8. Putting Your Emotional Intelligence to Work
    In this Keynote, you’ll learn how to increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to improve performance and interpersonal effectiveness. Emotions surface constantly in the workplace. By becoming more aware, you can manage yourself more effectively, make quality decisions and respond to stress and conflict in productive, proactive ways. You will learn about your brain and its ability to help you create new habits and responses, resulting in much better interactions with others, both on the job and out in the world.
  9. What’s Your Brand Speak?
    Do your clients and customers know who you are? Staying true with consistency while building your brand in the business landscape is where people and companies encounter challenges. Through a creative process that unveils the essence of your brand’s position, you will learn tools to help you stay the course while you build your brand’s equity, helping you aspire, achieve and influence others.

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