Philanthropic Community

We are in the “The Golden Age of Philanthropy,” and YPA knows there is a positive impact when people collaborate for good. When you develop a Philanthropic Community for your workplace, you create engagement, loyalty, reward and a sense of accomplishment. Your employees and customers will find alignment and purpose in supporting the overall good inherent in giving back for social benefit and empowering others on how to give back and find reputable organizations.

We can teach you:

1) What is Philanthropy? How to be part of “The Golden Age of Philanthropy”
2) Giving = Happiness = Quality of Life
3) Demographics and Philanthropy: Know Your Audience.
4) What is a Philanthropic Community?
5) Positive impacts of collaborative Philanthropic work on the community.
6) Building a Philanthropic community / Tips and Tools
7) Volunteering: Time vs. money
8) Events/Partnerships with Non Profits – Aligning your community with its needs.
9) Results of a Philanthropic community on your workplace and personal life

Would you like to create your own Philanthropic Community? Touch base now and we will show you how.