Training Programs

Are you tired of your employees attending training where they are subjected to hours upon hours of lecture, with no real take away value?

At Yvette Poole & Associates, we know that training retention occurs when the training is memorable, fun and interactive. We have a strong foundation in activity-based learning, with programs that involve the audience and allow them to practice their skills during the sessions. Our training classes continually get high marks.

“Yvette Poole & Associates has been a valuable resource for my company’s consulting and training needs. I have utilized their services for assistance with a new multifamily housing community I am managing. While they listened to my needs and provided what I had asked for, they also used their creativity to provide additional ideas that have proved very helpful. You can expect great results, high integrity, and creative solutions from YPA.”

-John Gorske
Owner, Bayview Property Management
Huntington Beach, California

Spend a day or two with a professional YPA trainer and facilitator, and learn why people leave feeling motivated about heading back to work. We can develop and deliver the training for you, or simply customize a program for your company and train the trainer on how to deliver it. It’s all up to you.

We are an invaluable resource for start-up companies who do not have a training department, or for established companies who are seeking to overhaul or complement existing programs. One-on-one or group training sessions are available.

  • License to Lease
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • Discovering Emotional Intelligence
  • Supercharge Your Telephone Techniques
  • The Art of War & Peace
  • Liven Up Your Leasing
  • Serving Your Customers with Excellence
  • Give ‘Em Leadership Not Lip Service
  • C.R.E.A.T.E.
  • Management Team Performance
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence – Self-Awareness
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence – Self-Management
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence – Social Awareness
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence – Relationship Management

For detailed descriptions or proposals for our training programs, please contact us.